Rules & Policies

House Rules & Door Policy

BRET loves delicious food, drinks, music and people. We enjoy life and love to party. We work with sustainable and local parties and believe in quality. To ensure the high quality at BRET we live by some house rules.

We expect an open attitude from our guests towards other guests regardless of their heritage, sex, sexual orientation, religion and age. We have the  right to refuse people access to or, remove people from the premises who act aggressive, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist or ableistic.

We have a zero tolerance policy on (sexual) harassment, discrimination, violence, retaliation and other disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour at BRET. If you are a victim of any form of harassment, tell one of our employees. Our employees have been thoroughly instructed to preserve the safety and comfort of our guests.

At BRET we welcome all ages with open arms, yet at some events there might be a age restriction. Especially at our nightly events this is often the case. At events like these you may be asked for some kind of identification. If you do not have any kind of identification on you, you will be denied access.

Guests who are clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied access. If a member of the bar staff notices you are drunk, you will only be served non-alcoholic drinks. When alcoholic beverages are ordered and there is doubt about the age identification may be asked.

At BRET we work with licensed security personnel. With visiting BRET you agree that you may be visitated by one of our security staff members.

Possession and selling of weapons and drugs is not allowed. Discovered weapons or drugs will be confiscated and given to the police through our safe, and are reason to refuse access to premises. If it is a criminal offence we are obligated to notify the police and hand over the confiscated goods after the arrest.

BRET loves to see her guests in their own style and finds it important that people feel free to wear what they want. For events however there may be a dress code. Depending on the event people who do not meet the criteria of the dress code may be refused access to the event.

If you didn’t make a reservation and are you coming with a large group (4 or more), bachelor party and other ambience disrupting groups, access may be denied.

Taking pictures in BRET is only allowed with permission. Everyone is kindly asked to not take pictures with their phones or other devices. You may be asked to give your professional video and photo equipment to the wardrobe upon entering the premises.

We prefer real life interactions, that is why we like to see as little phones on the dancefloor as possible.

BRET is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods on the terrace, in the building or at the wardrobe.

We prioritise the atmosphere. Visitors need to be well informed about the musical character of events. If we think this is not the case access to the event may be denied.

Lights used at events in BRET may be dangerous to people who are epileptic or have had a stroke in the past. BRET is not responsible in any way for any harm inflicted by these lights.

Finally, while leaving BRET please mind the neighbours.