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Check out our Q&A, here we have already listed the most frequently asked questions to help you even better. 


1. Where can you find all your events?

We have listed all our events in the Agenda.

2. What are your houserules in BRET?

We think it is important to keep the atmosphere in BRET nice and safe, for this we ask you to respect and enforce our house rules in our club.
More information about our houserules can be found here.

3. What is the minimum age to enter the club?

The minimum age for our events is 21+.

4. Where can I find my tickets?

Eventix is responsible for the tickets, your tickets can by found in your mailbox, check also your spam. If you can't find your tickets or the mail, please send an email to Eventix. 

5. I bought (a) ticket(s) for one of your events and it is rescheduled / canceled, what now? 

When one of our events is canceld we ask kindly for some patience. First we put the puzzle back on the table and arrange the administration for this event. Within three weeks after the cancellation, you can expect an e-mail by Eventix with more information about this particular event and refund options. Pay attention to also check your spam!

6. I didn't receive an e-mail by eventix with more information for the event I was planning to go, what do I do?

The mail is automatically sent by Eventix and we have little influence on it. Please check your spam carefully, as many emails also end up here. If your spam has been removed, or you can't find the email. You can then contact Eventix.

7. I can't sell my ticket on TicketSwap, what do I have to do?

All our tickets can be sold on Ticketswap, if it doesn't work or you can't upload it. Send an email to

Be careful with buying tickets from Ticketswap, dates and tickets are not always right. Check this carefully before you buy a ticket for one of our events. 

8. Will the upcoming events on the agenda continue?

You can take a look in our agenda for more information about our events.

9. How can enter BRET properly regarding COVID-19? 

Here you can find more information about the Event & Policy.

10. How does your cupsystem work?

- Get a token from the entrance 

- Hand over your token when buying your first drink.

- Keep returning your cup to the bar, or exchange the cup for a token.

- Lost your token or cup? You will pay 1,- for a new cup.

A token or cup stands for 1,-. 

* Token or cups can not be exchanged for money.

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1. What are your opening hours at BRET? 
We are open every Tuesday till Friday from 12:00-22:00 and Saturday from 15:00-22:00

2. How can I make a reservation

You can make a reservation through the website (right in the corner). 

Company bigger than 4 people? 

Please make two reservation under the same name.

Company bigger than 8 people?

Please fill in this form.

3. how do i enter the restaurant in regards to COVID-19?

It is not necessary to show a negative test result or proof of recovery / vaccination to enter the building.

4. We would like to reserve a spot on the roof terrace, is this possible?

Unfortunately, the rooftop terrace is not open every day, we only do this with sufficient reservations. It is therefore not guaranteed that a place can be reserved on the rooftop terrace. So by default we place the reservation on our downstairs terrace, if the rooftop terrace opens, we will place you there.

5. We have many people with dietary requirements or special requests, what is your offer concerning food?

Our menu consists out of sustainable produce with many different types of dishes, many of our dishes are vegetarian and with gluten-free options. In addition to that we also have a few vegan options. Feel free to take a look at our menu. 


6. I would like to make a reservation for (more than) 8 people, is this possible? 

Of course this is possible, we would ask you kindly to fill in this form.

This way we can take care of your reservation as well as possible. We work with an adapted menu for groups of more than 6 people. You can also order from the entire drink and snack card during your visit.

7. What are the food options regarding dinner for groups (more than 8 people)? 
We work with an adapted food menu for a group of more than 8 people.
¬ BRET Burger (Vega and meat option)
¬ Carrot Burger

¬ Western Burger
¬ Entire Snack & Drink Card

* All dishes are served with fries and fresh coleslaw salad and can be ordered as vegetarian or meat.
• If there are people present with allergies, we are happy to take this into account and come up with a suitable solution for this. 

8. What about payment at BRET regarding large groups?

It is possible to pay on invoice with us or directly at the bar. Furthermore, we don't work with open bar or arrangements. We can make agreements about a limit. Our employees will ensure that you are kept informed of the bill. They will inform you when the limit has been reached. This way you can enjoy carefree and we keep an eye on the bill.


9. I would like to celebrate something in BRET, where can I send my request? 
That is possible. Please fill in the form down below. This way we can take care of your reqeust as well as possible.

10. Is it possible to host an event at BRET?

It is not possible to host an event at BRET, we will focus on our regular partners in the coming period. 

More information about our events can be found on our Facebook and AGENDA page. 

If you can't find your answer there. Send us an email through: 

Do you have feedback or a complaint during your visit at BRET?

Please let us know via:

Lost something during your visit at BRET?

Please fill in this form. 

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