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BRET welcomes anyone to enjoy our food, beers, staff, events and environment with an open-minded and respectful attitude towards one another. If there is anything on your mind, please let our staff know.

All are acts are based on the up-to-date guidelines advised by RIVM and the Dutch government. Due to this policy, you only can take place once you made a reservation which require contact details.

  • We want everyone to feel safe in BRET, so we do not tolerate violent behavior, opposition, discrimination, intimidation, sexual or otherwise.  


  • Enjoy your stay at BRET, but drink responsible. It’s not allowed to show disorderly behaviour if you're drunk at our venue and we expect you to take care of your friends and other company.

  • If you make a reservation and you can't make it, please let us know!  If you're a bit late that's not a problem at all but let us know. If you can't make it in 30 minutes after your reservation time we can give your table away to someone else. If you don't come at all we have to disappoint people that would've liked to come in your place and we end up with empty tables. You can always contact us by calling, dm'ing us on Instagram, messaging us on Facebook or contacting us in any other way you like.


  • The cigarette machine is used at your own risk and owned by an external company if any issues should occur following the instructions on the machine.

       Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas on the (roof) terrace.


  • At BRET we have a dress code where all our guests feel comfortable. We wear covering clothing in our venue and on our terrace. A bikini, swimming suit or any kind of offensive apparel/appearance, may be denied access.


  • We may also refuse entry for large groups of people like bachelor parties, etc. 


  • Access will be denied if you are in the possession or under influence of any kind of weapons, drugs or alternatives with the same purpose. We remain the right to hand the goods and you over to the police.


  • Leave your own food and drinks at home and order a refreshing drink at the bar or a warm meal at the bar. Your big suitcases and backpacks are better left on your place of stay, because there isn’t enough space to stall it all. Therefore you are responsible for your own luggage and BRET cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft on your belonging. 


  • BRET utilizes a no-flash camera policy and we do not accept any professional camera equipment without permission. We prefer real-life interactions​, we like to see as few phones in our venue as possible.


  • Finally, whilst leaving BRET be aware we have neighbors so keep the noise to a minimum and do not hang around outside BRET.


  • All our standards are an addition to the Dutch criminal law.

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