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BEER Selection

Welcome to the Autunm High Beer!


The High Beer at BRET is like a High Tea but with beer! We started the high beer to introduce some of our favorite beers to our visitors. We make a selection, mostly based on the time of the year. This saves you the time and effort of scanning our huge beer menu. This is an experience for you and your friends or colleagues. 

How it works:

The high beer will go in four rounds, we have selected three of our favorites. For the last round you can select a beer from our entire beermenu.

The beers are served in this order, between the rounds we serve you a rich flavourful snack platter. 

If you still feel like choosing something from our menu afterwards, feel free to order something from our staff.

Keep up to date about our High Beer events on our socials or our agenda!

IG: @BRET Amsterdam

FB: BRET Amsterdam 

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