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We think it is important to keep recollecting memories since they are so dear to us.

With the arrival of COVID-19 we were suddenly more aware of the value of good memories since we so often take for granted what is truly special. This is why we’ve started the BRET memory line. What better way to hold on to a memory than to take a piece of what you love home?

Let's hold our memory and create many more in the future.

* Please read the product details carefully, to avoid misunderstandings *

All Memory items (including DAYCARE tickets) will be ready to ready to send or pick up in the week of 14th June.


Help BRET grow!

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Product Details

At BRET we always try to start new projects to gradually fulfill our ultimate vision, connecting like-minded people in this gray office area. We host a warm place where you can participate in a way that appeals to you as long as we do a bit better! For who or in what way, that's up to you! Sustainability is one of our shared values and we would like to share it with even more people through honestly produced food & drinks and openminded parties.

* Disclaimer: Ticket goes directly to the concepts of BRET.

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