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As a place where community feeling and social interaction are at the core of what we do. we’ve really missed creating memories together in the last year. Our goal has always been

to bring people together from all walks of life and to unify them in this red cube that we call BRET. It is important to keep recollecting memories since they are so dear to us. With the arrival of COVID-19 we were suddenly more aware of the value of good memories since we so often take for granted what is truly special. We were always thinking of ways to create good memories through either our restaurant and terrace or through our wild parties

but we never thought of ways we could help people hold on to their memories.


This is why we’ve started the BRET memory line. What better way to hold on to a memory than to take a piece of what you love home? These pieces will be a surprise

every time we release them but keep in mind that all items will have something to do

with creating memories together here in BRET. We hope to create many more with you

in the future and we thank all of you for supporting us in whatever way you have done.


Click on the button create memories together if you want

to be the first to know about the newest releases!

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