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When the time is right our building transforms into a magical club where life is celebrated and lifelong friendships are formed.


Through our musical programming, we try to connect people from different ways of life and with different interests. Our vision is to contribute to the clubbing experience in Amsterdam and beyond by offering one-of-a-kind events. We think it is important to take responsibility when it comes to our guests and our planet. That’s why we ensure a safe environment for everyone and do things like promoting sustainability during club nights. During our events we offer diverse programming, also giving local stars the chance to shine. We value quality service and an eye for detail, look around our club and you will see all the little things we have added to make it cozy just for you! 


We want you to have a good time and feel comfortable when you’re here so if you have any questions or requests feel free to ask some of our staff members for help.


We wouldn't be much without our beloved collaborators, who eventually make BRET the place we all love!

Want to dance with us? Check below for everything you need for your night at the red cube.

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