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BRET loves delicious food, craft beers, our staff, an eco-friendly and sustainability environment, an open-minded and respectful attitude and everybody we can share this with.

Express yourself freely wear what you want and be authentic to who you are.

We like a clean environment. We ask you to be conscious and mindful about your rubbish, cigarettes and plastic cups/glasses. Leave your graffiti and promotion material at home as well, so we can enjoy the mix between industrial and organic as the way it is.

At BRET we want to reduce our waste by using a plastic cup system during events. If we all take care about your used hard cup, they won’t end up at the floor and can be re-used after cleaning, instead of sending back to be replaced by a new one.  At the entrance, you will be given a token that you can exchange for a plastic cup. Each time you return to the bar bring your cup along, otherwise you will be charged 1 euro for a new plastic cup. This money will go to a charity chosen every period.


Rather we don’t see you smoke. If you decide to do so, please do this outside at our (roof) terrace. You could help us keeping our venue fine by making sure these burning cigarettes stays outside. 


BRET loves to see the guests express themselves freely, and it is important that people are able to wear what they want and be authentic to who they are. Respect each other and yourself.


BRET cares about your safety before, during and after the event. So please don't drive under the influence of drugs (including alcohol). If you can’t drive back home, you can order a taxi at the P&R at the front.


We encourage friendship, especially new ones. Interact with new faces and experience the venue for an extra increment in this jungle. Always take care of yourself and your (new) friends.

Our staff are present during your stay at BRET to ensure a safe

environment for everyone, including you. If you notice anything unsafe or when you are not feeling well, please do not hesitate to notify the BRET staff.

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