BRET welcomes anyone to enjoy our food, beers, staff, events and environment with an open-minded and respectful attitude towards one another. If there is anything on your mind, please let our staff know.

All are acts are based on the up-to-date guidelines advised by RIVM and the Dutch government.

Due to COVID-19 we all need to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other. (also in the queue). BRET cannot be held responsible for the spread of the virus, any act of the enforcements or any other consequences.

Our staff reserves the right to deny acces if you have any Corona-virus symptoms.


We want everyone to feel safe in BRET, so we do not tolerate violent behavior, opposition, discrimination, intimidation, sexual or otherwise. 


The minimum age to enter BRET during a club event is 18. You will be refused entry if you do not show a valid ID.

BRET reserves the right to search its visitors during a club event. If you refuse this, entry may not be granted. Bags can be searched at all times.


The entrance for ticket sales can be closed at any time, while the party still lasts. The guestlist will be able to enter afterwards.


The cigarette machine is used at your own risk and owned by an external company if any issues should occur following the instructions on the machine.

Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas on the (roof) terrace.


Our events do have a dress code. Guests dressed in uniforms, jogging pants, costumes, bare feet, high heels, flip flops, sandals or openedtood shoes, sport club clothing or any kind of offensive apparel/appearance, may be denied access.

Using the cloakroom or a locker is obligated. U will receive your goods back after showing a valid cloakroom ticket. When not able to fulfil this expectation, you must wait till the end of the event.


The atmosphere is a priority at BRET. Guests should be well informed about the event they attend. You may be questioned on this matter and if we think this is not the case, we can refuse entry. We may also refuse entry for large groups of people, bachelor parties, etc. (groups maximum size of 4 people).

A ticket won't guarantee entrance if you won't follow our door policy, house rules or having any disrespect to our staff or other guests.


Access will be denied if you are in the possession or under influence of any kind of weapons, drugs or alternatives with the same purpose. We remain the right to hand the goods and you over to the police.

There are some things you better leave at home if you are planning visid a party at BRET: Food and drinks, any liquids (including perfume), medicines (unless you bring a doctor’s prescription), suitcases and backpacks. We do not keep hold of any confiscated items and you will not receive them back. 


BRET utilizes a no-flash camera policy and we do not accept any professional camera equipment without permission. We prefer real-life interactions​, we like to see as few phones on the dancefloor as possible. 


Lights used at events in BRET may be dangerous to people who are epileptic or have had a stroke in the past. So take good care of yourself and each other, know if you or your friends may have a particular condition that may be affected by lighting. BRET is not responsible for any harm inflicted.

Finally, whilst leaving BRET be aware we have neighbors so keep the noise to a minimum and do not hang around outside BRET.


All our standards are an addition to the Dutch criminal law.