By entering BRET you automatically agree to the recording and use of security camera footage. 


BRET strives to present you information and content with the finest amount of accuracy, although we cannot guarantee we will succeed at all times. BRET cannot held responsible for any incorrectness in communication, information or content.

There might be opinions in articles, interviews and background stories published on our webpage, especially blog. Any opinion formulated are held strictly by the authors, and are not necessarily a reflection of the webmaster, our internet provider or BRET. If there will be referred to an external webpage, we are not held responsible in order to their policies about copyright or personal data.  

Our online information is subject to change and/or updates regularly. BRET reserves the right to carry out changes immediately to our socials and without any further notice. 


There must be written approval for spreading/using the content from our socials on platforms or in public spaces.

It's not allowed to take pictures in BRET. Any picture that is taken in or around our venue, will be property of BRET.

BRET is not responsible of any (in)direct damage from any kind, who are related to (the information on) this webpage or the temporary lack of it. 


While entering our venue you need to be aware of our house rules and values. BRET can’t held responsible for lack of knowing.

We reserve the right to cancel an event of any kind at any moment if the circumstances force us to do. We trust your understanding. The ticket buyers accept the payment fee that will be deducted from the refund while cancellation.

Your reservation is only valid if it's confirmed by BRET. If you reserve on the spot, it might be possible there won't be available tables.

BRET can’t held responsible for any kind of loss in or around our venue.


The following rules apply on the BRET’s bar credit:

  • The credit can only be exchanged in the restaurant and not during an event.

  • The card is personal and it’s not permitted to transfer the credit to somebody else.

  • The whole amount needs to be issued at once, so there’s no cashback.

  • The credit is valid for one year after the written date on the card.

  • Forgery will be seen as theft. The police will be informed by this matter.