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We asked our lovely Miley Serious (Daycare) and Luca Martinez their vision about the COVID-period. and how it affects the electronic music scene:

"COVID-19 spreading has recently turned out to the World as the most relevant occurrence of our lives, damaging and revolutionizing our daily routine, restricting our plans, expectations and dreams. This moment, filled with uncertainty, pointed out how our music scene was unprepared too.  We rightly pulled the plug out of the events and promoters/labels/venues are asking to join crowdfunding but honestly this is just one of the measures that can help us going forward.  We should be more worried to think about what can we do when COVID-19 will be over.  Have we ever thought about stimulating/animating the dialogue with our Governments in order to work on a welfare system that can support all the job positions related to the music industry?  We are, now, all in the same boat so it's time to take a deeper action. Before COVID-19 outbreak, some of you probably noticed that in the last 2-3 years many venues shut down and small promoters had to leave the music scene. The situation won't be different when everything will get better. So we have the opportunity to do a step back, we need to remember electronic music makes people reunited, electronic music is strictly linked to underground movements.  Let's take time (this one) to deeply think and discuss how we can broker with our administrations. Let's take time to develop new business models, teaming up with collecting societies and copyright lawyers. 

We need to think out of the box because our scene won't be the same and if we want to face the next emergency with better instruments, it's necessary to study, share ideas and teaming up for real. 

Streaming actions, crowdfunding campaigns are healthy but it's not enough.  All these days at home can remind us how the DIY movement is important and how its going to be important to be together and supportive.  DIY and community can mean WAREHOUSE party, no stress, but it mainly means that your support needs to be real now, we will need to adjust everything for promoters, crowd and try to keep a link with a venue in help.  Communication between us and changing must be operated, do you want to experience magic moments or to go back to the same night over and over, considering it could be not exist anymore as well?  Take action!"


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