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A lot of underground clubs might share the same vision, mission, promoted values and even looks, however only a number of venues truly connect on another level. Last summer a club from the outskirts of Berlin reached out to us and it didn’t take much time for the two gangs to click. Already in August we hosted the German ducks in our red nest.

Melting temperature, a diverse balance in crowd, resident artist pool from Berlin and Amsterdam. That’s how the first collab between BRET and Sisyphos Wintergarten started. Lights and decorations made those raving hours exceptional and special to say the least. That was the moment we knew: this had to happen again.

The fact that Sisyphos is the first ever venue to curate a takeover in BRET builds a strong friendship between the two, which is indisputable knowing the plans we made for 2020. However, with the unexpected wind gusts interrupting the duck trip to the west, we can only expect for the conditions to get better and the near future to make the venture possible.

Nevertheless, we wanted to give a shout-out to our Berliners and help them bring their regular livestreams to your living room. You may tune in to their shows here. If you want to contribute to their battle against the current situation, you may donate to their crowdfunding project.


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