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One of the things we love most, are our guest. Especially the regulars. We were wondering how they are holding up now they need to celebrate Pitcher Friday at their own living room. One of these family members is Johan. We had a little Q&A with this moodmanager from the Friday.

Q: Could you introduce yourself?

A: Let me see which way will be the best … “Present yourself as if you were looking for a room in Amsterdam?” Alternatively, shall we go for the complexity of individual representation? Let’s go for the easy way! Therefore, according to Diderot, the human being, a purely material being, is an integral part of the immense ocean of material from the great All that is constantly evolving. (Just joking).

My name is Johan, 30 years of existence, high functioning alcoholic (Hi Johan!). Born and raised in Paris and its area and studied to become a nurse. 4 years ago, I decided to go for the big adventure and discover the beautiful land that is called The Netherlands. In a normal presentation for a room in Amsterdam, I would continue by explaining what my situation was since I moved here and, eventually try to sell myself but it seems that I have to keep that for the next question.

Q: Where do you work?

A: Funny you ask, I was about to tell you! Well, as I said before, I studied and worked as a nurse for a few years. Therefore, now I work for a subsidiary company of Nike in Sloterdijk (famous place with a great bar called BRET). What a change of career? Well … Welcome to the expat life! You gotta pay the bills and bring the coins.

Q: When was your first time at BRET?

A: Oh dear … My first time at Bret was probably, exactly, 4 years ago. After a long day of training at work, a few of my colleagues decided to drag me to BRET. I do not think I ever left the place since that day … And I remember it clearly. I was young, innocent. It was a chilly but sunny day. I ordered a pint. And, some things never change: I do not know at what time I left and I never did for 4 years!

Q: What makes BRET a nice place according to you?

A: It’s a red metal cube! What else do you need? Ok, I will elaborate. The BRET family is friendly, welcoming, smiling, dancing, and polite. When I pass these doors, I know I will have a good time no matter what. It’s a great place to hang out with your friends, with your colleagues that become friends eventually, with your colleagues that won’t become your friends as well but that’s ok. You can go there, have a drink after work and end up at closing time (who believes in having A drink? Right?).

Q: Which memory of BRET is your favorite?

A: I do not have a specific memory but more some kind of a routine and feeling. After a long day at work, opening BRET’s doors, getting a warm welcome with a smile. No need to order! You came here so often and ordered the same drink for years … Drink is on the way. Take a seat. Drink. Talk with people. Drink again. And I will spare your time as this can go on and on for a while.

Q: How are you spending your time during the Corona Weeks?

A: I work a lot at home. I eat too much crap. I drink (that can never be too much). I sleep at weird times. I do not exercise. I smoke more. This is the perfect example of a healthy lifestyle, people! Live long and prosper, as one would say. Pretty much what I did before the Corona Weeks except that I did exercise … Taking the stairs twice a day to get out of the house!

Q: You said you are working at home. How is this going?

A: I am working from home for a couple weeks now. It seemed delightful at the beginning, not seeing people, no need to dress up, follow your own pace … I learnt how to speak to objects. I learnt how to drink all by myself. Looking for new learning and development skills. I’m all ears!

Q: Do you have a tip for people who work from home?

A: A very simple one: Alcohol is your friend, my friend! Joke aside, just do what I probably won’t do: wake up on time in the morning, get dress, enjoy a healthy breakfast, work, take breaks, exercise, think vegetables (not M&Ms), don’t forget to socialize (objects are not your friends and won’t reply!) and keep your smile on, 2021 will be your year!

Q: Do you watch BRET’s livestream or read the blog?

A: I watched the livestream and poured myself some glasses in the process. BRET will always be a party and a good time! And no, this is not sad! Desperate times call for desperate measures and I am glad that BRET is supporting us!

For the blog not yet, but I will definitely have a look and follow your adventures!

If you can drop by at BRET again, what will be the first thing you will order?

Most of the BRET team could say it for me … But my usual : Whisky cola in a big class, ice cubes, no lemon! And since it will be a long time, make it double!

Q: What would you like us to change at BRET?

A: Bret is always changing by itself, that’s the great thing! Maybe some merchandising, why not? You guys have cool things! Oh and a table with my name on it? Since I am part of the furniture …

Q: Do you miss BRET and what do you miss the most?

A: “See you at Bret” on Fridays with my friends … Even if BRET is currently closed, we still say it for the sake of it. So obviously, I can’t wait for my second home to open again!



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