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If you’ve ever visited us you’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of plants in our building and in the area surrounding us. It’s fair to say we’re crazy about plants! Plants are a great way to add to the atmosphere and vibe of a place. They also, as you might already know, produce oxygen and enable us to live on this beautiful planet called earth. We are all about spreading good vibes and we’re always looking for new sustainable initiatives. This is why we came up with a new concept: stekjes and gesprekjes. In english: chats and plants. Stekjes are pieces of our plants that we grow that you can easily grow at home. We want to spread these little green miracles across the Netherlands as much as possible and we’re always up for a little chat! How does it work? From Tuesday to Friday from 12 till 4 we will open our stekjes bar. At our stekjes bar you can trade one of your own stekjes for one of ours. We would love to see some of the plants that you grow at home and if we like them we will grow them in our building! You can also meet up with fellow plant lovers to trade and exchange your favorite stekjes. If you’re up for trading one of your stekjes for ours please make sure that the roots are long enough but not too long (max 10 cm)! The little piece of plant (stekje) should be able to survive in water but it shouldn’t need earth yet to survive. This way we can keep the stekjes in our stekjes bar for a while without needing to plant them in solid earth. Also make sure that your plants don’t carry any diseases that could affect our plants. We want to keep our and your plants healthy so they can grow and be a worthy addition to our collection. Right now we have more than 20 stekjes ready to be traded. If you’d like to trade a stekje please ask one of our staff members to help you pick a stekje you like.

Opening times stekjes bar:



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