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With the re-opening of our outside areas and ticket release for our flagship DAYCARE event, the last few weeks at BRET have given us a glimpse of our red oasis in its full splendor. It has conjured visions of friends and family, sunny days spent on the terrace and hot nights lost on the dance floor. It reminds us that life is best spent when it's shared, a lesson we find in our mutual past and the promises it makes of the future to come.

At the heart of these visions is BRET: a special place where night or day, rain or shine, people can come together and make memories. With this in mind, we’ve been thinking of new ways we can bring memories of BRET to you. After consulting our dedicated ‘BRET Friends’ group, we decided to launch a line of limited edition merchandise that brings the BRET spirit home. Working with local artists and producers, as well as with members of the BRET community, the BRET ‘Memory Line’ will feature items of all shapes and sizes and will be updated periodically over the coming year to coincide with the events and developments at BRET. It will be made up of more typical types of items, like clothing, but also a number of surprise items not found anywhere else.

For our first release, we’ve teamed up with an independent screen printing studio in Amsterdam North, Studio Vliering, to bring you a classic white, BRET tee-shirt and ‘Mango’ yellow hoodie. These feature a sleek, stripped-back design, which is printed with water-based ink on responsibly sourced, organic cotton to ensure the best comfort and durability, whilst keeping to BRET’s sustainable vision. The shirt and hoodie will be available by pre-order and will be limited in number so that we limit waste and guarantee that each item is truly special.

Pre-orders and updates on our merchandise releases can be found on our socials and through our website. So keep your ear to the ground and sign up to take a trip down the Memory Line with us.


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