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Sjamsoedin on his DAYCARE curation

We sat down with Sjamsoedin to take a look at his massive DAYCARE weekender curation. We take a look at some of his inspirations, the effect of COVID on young artist and more.

How did you get in touch with electronic music and when was the moment you decided you wanted to create electronic music?

At 13,14 I was into hiphop. Wu-Tang, Nas, Stetsasonic, Biggie, all the usual suspects. I’ve always considered hiphop to be electronic music.

It’s made with samplers and drummachines and it’s the combination of syncopated rhythms and the creative technical part that attracted me.

I hardly listened to the lyrics. I bought an MPC (sampler) when I was 18. I don’t really remember it to be a decision, it felt more like something that just logically happened after being in bands as a drummer and messing around with tapes and turntables.

As DJ and producer you’ve been in the game for a while, how do you stay inspired?

I try to never do the same thing for too long. On the producing side, I buy and try a lot of musical equipment. Every piece has its qualities, easter eggs and learning curve.

Exploring a synth or FX-unit can be magic and open up my mind to new ideas, new sounds or new combinations with other gear. It’s never-ending.

As a dj, I try to keep an open mind and really listen to what’s going on.

How does it feel to return to BRET? Does a club setting influence your artist choice versus for example a festival setting?

Can’t wait to be back at Bret! Because we all had a 2 year break I think everyone has been building energy inside and even though the world is still a fucked up place at the moment I think it’s time to release some of it.

I’ve never programmed a festival to be honest so this is the closest I got so far. I think you could copy this exact lineup to an outside stage with a huge array of woofers at a festival and it would work just the same ;)

How did COVID and the lockdowns influence the rise of upcoming artists?

Well.. not being able to play is obviously very shit. Every artist needs gigs to get better.

Also, I’ve seen people close to me that were just getting momentum having their dreams crushed quite a few times. It’s really sad, but I tell them; just keep at it, at some point Covid will be over and you will get your chance.

What was your inspiration for this particular curation?

It’s a mix of upcoming talent and some quite established people. Some of them are great friends, some of them I’ve just met.

I’ve tried to make a nice mix of 4x4 and broken/break beats. I’m 100 percent sure everybody will deliver! I’m breaking my brain trying to figure out when I can get some sleep myself, because I want to hear all sets!


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