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Sitting home on a lockdown to avoid a virus may be frustrating but imagine some people having to do this every day of their life because your country is torn up by a war. This is the reality for many unfortunate ones. With current issues present in our society we forget about bigger existing problems and their victims.

‘’Because of Corona and how the media deals with it, there is no other news, but because of wars there are still children without parents, schools and homes’’ - Pieter Strijbosch

Pieter Strijbosch, a young creative who has worked at Chasing the Hihat for over 8 years, recently decided to change up his routine and dedicate himself for a good cause. He urges to jump on a motorcycle with a friend of his and travel the world to spread a message the organization Warchild conveys, naming his project ‘Ride for Warchild’.

Warchild is an international organization dedicated to help children living in war zones. Every year they help thousands of children in 14 countries worldwide to have a safe place to learn and live. Warchild works through multiple projects to provide social support, education and tools to give the kids a future. For more information on the cause that Warchild is promoting can be found on their website. We found both Pieter’s action and Warchild to be heroic efforts, therefore we were instantly driven to help spread the message.

"We believe in the resilience of children." Tjipke Bergsma, Director War Child Holland

Pieter had planned a farewell gathering in BRET before he left for an unknown time to spread the message to the world, however due to COVID-19, it cannot happen and his trip is postponed.

Real dedication and good faith cannot be stopped due to the current circumstances. In spite of the troubling situation for everyone, know, that there are those who do not have a home to stay and be safe in. Take action. Help spreading the message yourself or donate to WarChild. Find Pieter’s fundraiser here.


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