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05.04 | DAYCARE: The best is yet to come.

Last week marked an exciting moment for us at BRET as we were finally able to focus on the August gathering; our dedicated family of dancers, back to our club with a new edition of our flagship event: DAYCARE | The best is yet to come…

DAYCARE is a space where all people may feel as comfortable as they do coming home. We transform our club space into a playground for those who want to put their worries aside and explore their inner child through curiosity and self expression. Like the ideal kindergarten, DAYCARE is a space without judgement; where people can encounter the world again, free of preconceived ideas and constructs. With a wide range of electronic music, art installations and tasty snacks, it is a place where people can feel pampered, safe in the knowledge that they can be themselves and take inspiration from the layers of depth pronounced when different identities, art forms and styles come together in a shared experience.

Watching the events of the last year unfold and the negative impacts they have had on our society’s most vulnerable, we have decided that it is not enough for us to create events without incorporating a more socially minded focus into our work. That is why we plan to support a new charity with every upcoming edition of DAYCARE, which we choose together with a different guest curator each time. We start this new focus in August with De Regenboog Groep: an organisation that strives to stimulate the development of those living in (social) poverty and exclusion, so that they may have the opportunity to actively participate in society.

For this edition of DAYCARE, we have invited Sjam Soedin to curate the event’s musical program with us. Former curator of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), former programmer at OT301, and founder of Super Awesome Studios, a production studio specializing in composing and producing music for audiovisual production, Sjam brings his connection to De Regenboog Groep with him to BRET and we look forward to working closely with him in both these creative and charitable directions.

DAYCARE | The best is yet to come… will take place over the weekend of the 14th to the 16th of August and will feature 40+ hours of music, art and dance. For this event, €2 of every ticket sold will go towards De Regenboog Groep, but we have also added an optional ‘Charity ticket’ to the event and we invite you to dig deep to help support their worthwhile work. Until August, we will be posting regular updates and mixes to the event. Hold tight family, the wait is almost over!


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