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During a 2 hour live stream Joseph Capriati talked about what it's like in quarantine for him as an artist and a person. He answers this question with lots of motivational words and tracks from his great house, techno and groovy collection. He does all this from his home studio in Barcelona.

Joseph Capriati originally began his career as a DJ in his hometown of Caserta, Italy. In December 2007, Joseph had his first release, “C’est la Vie”, on Italian record label Analytic Trail. A year later Joseph played his first Awakenings event on New Year’s Eve in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Now, this legend is unstoppable and you’ll find his energy on festivals such as: Sonar (Barcelona), Connect (Dusseldörf), Welcome To The Future (Landsmeer), Creamfields (Daresbury) and many others.

Joseph Capriati visits BRET once a year during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). The Sunday at BRET with Joseph Capriati is becoming a nice given tradition for those who love to enjoy an intimate ambiance, surrounded by warm music. This intimacy will be guaranteed by the uniqueness from Capriati playing in our ‘small’ cube, with only 500 enthusiastic people.

For a DJ, the quarantine also has a considerable impact, fortunately, that does not stop him. We asked Capriati’s team if they would like to add something about this experiences in quarantine, they were very enthusiastic. As Capriati said in 2015: ”Health, Brain, Cleanness, A good balance is very important to give best to your music“. Exactly what he is providing in this 2-hour set.

"Music is going to be our therapy, for the time being, that's why I play music, that's all I can do for now." In order to make time run as quickly as possible, he prefers to mix day and night. These are the positive things he can spread in this difficult time for humanity.

Finally, Joseph also has a wise and motivating lesson: “Guys, we will survive this period, we will. Let's find the gain of the little things in life. This is a lesson for each of us. Let's take the good in the bad. This is the most important in this period. See you soon whenever we can. Much much love.”


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