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Since the start of the covid-19 virus we’ve been adapting to the situation the best we can. We made sure hand sanitizer was available to all of our staff and guests. We set up our terrace in a way that the 1.5-meter distance can be kept between tables all the time. We carefully instructed our staff about all the new measures and made sure people with symptoms stayed home and got tested. We took some extra hygiene measures for our kitchen as well and made sure everybody from the staff regularly washes their hands.

With new measures being announced this week we decided to take some extra precautions. From now on all of our staff will wear masks inside the restaurant. Unfortunately we have to close at 22:00 from this week onwards. This does not mean however that we are not able to do the things we want to do. We will still have dj’s playing on Thursday and Friday, we will still host small scale events like the HIGH BEER and we will still be available for small gatherings at a safe distance. Even though measures are getting stricter by the day we will never lose what we stand for: having a good time. We think it’s even more important nowadays to keep seeing your friends, going for a drink or a meal now that it gets harder to keep in touch. We also think that it is important to do this in a safe way for everyone! We want to make sure that everybody feels comfortable when visiting us so if you have any questions or remarks you can always reach out to us.


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