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Are you looking for a place to celebrate something in your life? A place that is cozy has good food; drinks and staff that will make you smile? Look no further because you’ve found that place! Here at BRET we’ve always enjoyed enriching the important moments in the lives of our guests. Whether this is a birthday or a small party for colleagues, we love people celebrating. We’ve also hosted staff parties and meetings for companies that reach out to us. So far everybody really liked them and had a good time under or on our roof.

Maybe you’re not familiar with our rooftop terrace but lately we have been using it more to host social gatherings at a safe distance in the outdoors. The terrace has plenty of parasols for shade if it’s sunny and a rooftop bar where our staff will grab you a beer, make you a cocktail or serve you a soda. Our kitchen supplies all your snacks and dinner wishes from our menu. If the weather is not as sunny there are also possibilities for hosting small gatherings inside. Depending on the size of the group and taking into account the safety regulations we can see what we can do for you and your guests. If you want to know more you can always reach out to us!


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