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Every Sunday morning our terrace lights up with bright smiles and our amphitheater fills with funky tunes and happy people. We recently started dance sessions to make the best out of the otherwise lazy Sunday mornings. The dance sessions are hosted by the one and only Anass, we spoke with him about what he does best: making people move.

Q1: Hey Anass tell me a bit about yourself!

Hi! So i am Anass and i am 24 years old. I live in Amsterdam and I've worked at BRET for almost 5 years now. If i am not working at BRET you will find me dancing somewhere.

Q2: you obviously have a passion for dancing. How did this start?

It all started when i was a young little kid. I used to dance along with all the music videos. Like every other dancer out there.

Q3: How would you describe the vibe on those Sunday mornings?

The sunday morning dance session is a real work out! If you love dancing, can’t sit still like me and don’t give a fuck about how you look while you’re shaking your butt then you are the right person for the dance sessions! The dance sessions are all about having fun and you can literallly dance however you want, because of the different music genres we play.

Q4: Do you need to motivate people, if so, how do you do this?

I do and I love motivating people! I get more hyped up when i feel the energy of the crowd. If i feel your energy is slowing down i will do a one on one dance battle with you, so be ready for that!

Q5: what kind of music do you dance to?

I start the dance session with something i like to call afro fitness. I love afro music and because the rhythm of afro music is quick and powerful so when you dance on it it’s like a whole workout! After the afro fitness it’s time to freestyle all the dance styles, from vogue to breakdance to bootyshaking!

Q6: How can people participate if they don’t have any money?

They can send a message to BRET explaining that they would love to participate but don't have enough money to pay right now. Because we really want the dance sessions to be inclusive we offer those people free participation.

Q7: How do you get inspired for these dance sessions?

I watch dance videos, dance with friends and really just feel the rhythm of the music. Thats all i need to get me going!

Thanks for your time Anass. Keep on grooving!


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