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Vault sessions

Events that last for days and an audience that keeps on dancing until you stop the music and turn on the light. Of course, I'm talking about Vault sessions. They host events at places like Warehouse Elementenstraat, Shelter and Radion. The afterhours are hosted at BRET, and we love that. But who is actually behind this organization? Very little is known about this. Today I interviewed one of the organizers Bas Jenster, who from his sunny holiday was ready to answer all my questions.

How did you guys meet?

I met Bas Schoevaars at an illegal party back in 2013. He was playing the closing slot and it just clicked. I immediately knew we had a similar vision on music, from that point on a connection was formed. We founded Vault Sessions in 2015 and Alexander, our friend & fellow music enthusiast, joined shortly after.

How did the name Vault Sessions originate?

It was an idea that came to life on the dancefloor while trying to explain to ourselves what this feeling was that we were experiencing. Vault in Vault Sessions, represents the vibe you get locked in when all the pieces of the puzzle fall together. The outside world becomes irrelevant & you lose the concept of time, like being locked in a vault.

What is your vision for Vault Sessions?

The most important aspects of our vision are creating a crazy vibe and no nonsense thinking. It doesn't matter who you are, what you're supposed to do or dance-like. Stop talking and start dancing!

Imagine organising an event with an unlimited budget, what would that event look like?

An event with an unlimited budget pff haha ​​... I think if we could do something like that the show or the artists are not the most important thing. I would give people free entrance to the event so we can show everyone a good time. And the Afterhours would be on a gigantic floating raft, we can use a refreshing dip during our parties!

Finally a new event is on the agenda, can you tell us about that?

Yes! The Afterhours in BRET are finally back on the schedule, of course, our big hero and partly curator TAFKAMP is there. We have a fairly regular group of DJs that we book for these events. BRET is very personal, so you really have to be able to hold your own. One mistake and you notice it in the crowd. This makes BRET, if the right DJs are playing, one of the or maybe the best club in Amsterdam. At least it’s our favourite!

The 5th of September we will dance again!!!


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