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The world is changing and so are we. Climate change is one of the biggest issues that our generation has to deal with. We at BRET believe everybody can do their part to tackle this issue and so do companies. When we started with BRET one of the main goals has been to do everything as eco friendly as possible. And when we say everything we really mean everything. The building itself for example is made out of recycled and upcycled materials. The big red containers that make up the iconic look used to be old shipping containers. Our kitchen comes from an old beach house. If you want to know more about how BRET was build you can check out the blog on BRET’s origins. Next to BRET lays the garden of BRET, the first circular business park in Amsterdam! It offers a creative space for people to work in with a minimal footprint. Aside from the buildings also our menu and products are eco friendly. We do this by working with locally grown vegetables and adapting our menus to the seasons. Our lemonades, coffee and teas are organically and locally made. When we hosted events at BRET we had a special policy concerning our plastic cups. It’s a well-known fact that most people throw away their plastic cups immediately after they finished their drink. At our events people pay a euro extra for their drink if the don’t bring back another plastic cup. If you bring back a cup you’ll get a token that is worth a euro and can be used to buy another drink with. We want to use as less plastic as possible so if you visit one of our events please keep that in mind and hold on to your cups.


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