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Station Sloterdijk used to be a boring place but with many new companies and initiatives starting in the area there was an urgent call for something new and something cheerful. BRET was created with the intention of adding something to this part of the city that would attract people to come and have fun instead of just get on the train or go to work. BRET was founded with the idea of reconnecting the people living and working in the area in a creative and sustainable way. This idea reflects in the organization but also in the way the building was made. All of the buildings surrounding the Sloterdijk station were build pretty recently and are mainly big and tall offices that dominate the view. The now iconic red cubes that make up the building of BRET are a big contrast to the grey skyline surrounding it. The building itself is entirely made out of recycled materials: It consists out of sea containers, a kitchen that used to be in a beach club and glass and windows that were not used by building corporations anymore. The foundation of the building consists out of trees that were cut from the nearby park called the Bretten hence the name BRET. Since the opening of the company, beers have always been an important part of the BRET experience. With over 50 local craft beers there’s always something that fits your taste. Also food is an important factor in this experience. From bitterballen (typical dutch snack food) to full meals like (veggie) burgers and salads, you can get it all. Almost all of the food is organic and produced in a sustainable way. Besides the food and the drinks that we offer, there are also plenty of other activities: We offer mountain bike tours and dancing classes and pre corona we used to host clubnights that grew out to be legendary and well known among the electronic music scene. Next to the main building of BRET there’s also the Tuin van Bret (garden of BRET). A garden where some creative companies now house their offices in a green and spacious environment. The garden also contains a vineyard where you can rent a piece of soil to grow your own grapes and eventually produce your own wine!


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