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25.03 | BRET IS LIVE!

Today we are streaming again from our club! BRET invites friends and family to share their thoughts on the time that is currently going on around COVID-19. BRET may be closed for now, but that does not stop us from sharing sustainable creativity. Your story can now be seen online.

Sharing creativity and positivity is important, especially in these difficult times. Coronavirus has a huge impact on everyone. This also applies to the creative sector in Amsterdam. We, therefore, invite our friends and family to share their stories to make sure we keep creativity alive.

Today we open the stage for Fred. He is one of our stars behind the bar during the week and on the weekends. Besides he knows everything about the best beers, he also loves to play some music. So that’s what we will be enjoying today.

From now on we will regularly post creative input on our blog to keep everyone around us in touch!


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