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This afternoon one of our friends from Discrete will visit us. Besides mixing good techno, Discrete also tells us today how they copes in this crazy time.

This weekend Discrete 003 was originally planned to take place at BRET but unfortunately was forced to be postponed. Though we are happy that one of the organization members Victor, aka Viktør, is keeping us warm with the live stream mixing what he loves the most; techno.

Today Esmee van Discrete is telling us how they are doing in this bizarre time:

‘’There’s no way of denying the current situation; the coronavirus is making up the rules right now. We might normally bend them as far as possible for our illegal raves, but even we are taking the circumstances seriously now. We are waiting patiently for a summer full of freedom-celebrations to come (yes, big hint). With a wide range of new music coming our way we can only dream of the musical benefits this crisis is going to bring us.

In 2019, we started exploring our sound. Though those of you who visited our events will

know that this ‘sound’ is not to be put in one word. We have a fierce love for creating an energy that can only be felt. Whether it is the filthy ghetto house, clean industrial

techno or dark deep electro, quality tunes, a pushy bpm and flawless transitions make the sound speak for itself. We cannot wait to bring the music to the dancefloor again

and welcome you back.’’  

Discrete also offered the following tips to treat your senses:

📽 Quand tout le monde dort, a documentary about the underground illegal rave scene in Paris.

🎧 Turnstile & Mall Grab ‘Share a view’, a collaboration from the American hardcore band Turnstile and the incredible Australian house and techno producer Mall Grab.

📖 The hundred-year-old men who climbed out the window and disappeared, a comic

novel about, yes you guessed it right, a hundred-year-old men climbing out of his window who disappeared.

🍽 Asparagus salad with baby potatoes, bacon, chives and a creme fraiche dressing

See you soon and enjoy the little beautiful moments in your day!


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