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Staying home was never a problem for the brew ers from Gulpener. Since 1825 they are doing what they love most in their little hometown Gulpen. The ‘Vrije Brouwer’ who’s striving to be the most sustainable brewhouse of Europe.

Within this decade Gulpener is planning to stop using any fossil fuels and even right now they work only with locally produced beer building blocks, such as malts and hops. Gulpener is constructing a new brewhouse where they will use up to 75%(!) fewer fossil fuels than they did in the old brewery. Check out the video if you want the full story from the CEO Jan Paul Rutten.

At BRET we can only applaud these ambitions. That is why we have been working closely together with Gulpener since we opened our doors to you (2015).

The archive from our friendship is quite rich. Beers such as: Op Stoom, Flitspopper, Ur Hop, Korenwolf, Wintervrund, UR Weizen en Chat eau Neubourg are happily added to this list.

So let's roll into this weekend! All by our own, but still together.


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