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Everybody knows the feeling of being a little hungry or feeling snackish in between lunchtime and dinner. British royalty found the perfect solution to this problem and invented the high tea. The high tea also known as the afternoon tea is a meal that takes place in the afternoon. The concept originates from the UK where wealthy people would drink fancy tea and eat “delightful” scones, crumpets and toast. Over the years the classic high tea took up many different forms and more and more dishes and customs were added to the meal. One aspect that did not change was the fact that they always served tea. We thought it was time to completely change the types of food and drinks served at our very own version of a high tea. Actually, we can’t call it a high tea if there’s no tea there right? We replaced the tea for beer and the scones and crumpets for savory mouth watering snacks (British royalty would be pretty jealous if they tasted our high beer we think). Sorry for all the tea lovers but hello beer lovers! The themes of the snacks are decided by the chef. The next edition of the high beer will have a Mexican theme.

The high beer consists of different kinds of draft or bottled beer along with a selection of snacks. The first edition is on 13-09-2020.

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