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How did your brewery start off and what makes you stand out? Brothers In Law Brewing - Family Brewed Beer! Brewed by us, brothers in law Tim, Tim and Felix. With the three of us having extensive experience in the world of beer we thought it was the time to brew our own beer instead of brewing it for others. With respect for the style of the beer, we try to brew something new and exciting. We like to experiment with new and old styles and ingredients, but doing so we stick to the style of the beer. Because beer must be beer; ‘Tradition meets revolution’! Challenging beers without unnecessary additives, but so full of flavour! ‘Every moment has its beer’ – love the quote. Imagine you are in the current blooming weather under the blue skies in BRET’s terrace – what beer would you be sipping in this moment and why? (Also mention what other moments would call for which of your personal favorite beers?) My personal favorite is our New England IPA! It’s not bitter, easy drinking, very smooth and super fruity! Delicious :-)) Do I need to say more about the ‘why’ ? ;-) I love hoppy beers so I never forget my second best friend our Australian Pale Ale! This Pale Ale is brewed with Australian hops. Really fresh, hoppy with a nice bitter. And during the day and in our meeting we like to drink our non-alcoholic hoppy lager :-) Always nice to see peoples faces when thinking you’re drinking beer very early haha   Do you have any new flavors planned / coming out soon? Right now, our latest special is an African Pale Ale. It’s brewed with hops from South Africa and with sorghum (grain) from Africa! A really fresh and quenching beer, you should definitely try! When we sell out this beer we’ll brew another special, not sure what at this moment but always enough great ideas! :-) Do you offer any special packages at these rough times? Yes! We certainly do and for a good price as well! We’ve made a nice flyer which says it all (attached). And sharing is caring so please do! All the support is welcome! For the people who are living far far away and which still want to support us, they can visit our webshop at: What do ‘Brothers in Law’ have to say for the people during these bizarre times? Only a lot of support and love for everybody! Keep positive and stay safe! Info Brothers In Law: Website: Facebook: Instagram:


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