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Last week was a very exciting time for us at BRET as we were able to open our outside terrace areas to the public again. The anticipation was tangible over the weeks prior to opening, with the whole team excited to see the BRET community come together again after so long.

Following the latest Covid-19 safety regulations, we welcomed guests old and new to our red haven with five days of cosy day time drinks and food from our newly improved menu. This featured a rich selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic local craft beers, as well as organic wines, spirits and soft drinks to wet every drinker’s whistle. For those looking for something to nibble or for a more substantial plate, our kitchen had it covered with a wide array of meaty, vegetarian and vegan snacks and dishes, with the vegan shawarma and vegetarian chili dog being the crowd favourites. Our menu also featured a platter from The Conservery, our latest sustainable project that, since the beginning of March, has been providing tasty canned and preserved foods and borrel packets from around the world.

Due to the safety restrictions given to us, we were not able to host a live music program over the opening. Nevertheless, many of the artists set to play over the five days were kind enough to take the time to record a set for us anyway. These have been put online and compiled in our BRET: Opening SoundCloud playlist, where they will remain for your listening pleasure over the upcoming summer days and nights. Diverse and eclectic in flavour, these mixes span a broad spectrum of musical styles and tempos. From jazz to soul and funk, disco to psychedelic rock, garage and house, each mix speaks, in their own way, of a consolidation of the past year and positive outlook on the future to come. For their time and enthusiasm, we’d like to extend a big thank you to all those artists who took part and with quiet optimism, we look forward to them being able to share their music with us in person soon.

Our outside areas will remain open for the time being from 12:00 to 18:00, Tuesday to Saturday. Reservations can be made through our website, or in person at the door. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any extensions of these times over the coming weeks and months, as we anticipate more good news on the loosening of restrictions over the summer. So drop in for a refreshing drink or a tasty meal, we’ll be here to greet you with a smile.


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